Tequila Cabeza (1 Liter)


Producers Notes:

The Jimadores pick the agaves at seven to nine years of age. The piñas are cooked in brick ovens at 100 degrees for 24 hours. Fermentation of the mosto is kick started with champagne yeasts, and fermentation takes place during the winter months – the cooler temperature allows for an extended mash period giving fruitier flavors. Distillation occurs in two separate copper pot stills. The destrozador still first produces the ordinario at 20-22% ABV, which is filtered, and the second distillation, in the rectificator still, produces tequila at 55-56% ABV. There is no filtration after the second distillation. Distilled water is added to bring it down to 43% ABV (86 proof).

1 Liter

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