Teitessa 30 year Japanese Whisky


The Fuji Takasago Sake Brewery found its current home in the Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan at the foot of the Mt. Fuji volcano in 1831. Founded by Shokichi Yamanaka and his Brew Master, the sake brewery relies on the super-pure water that is naturally filtered through the volcanic rock of Mt. Fuji. The pristine spring water attracts many other brewers and serves as a crucial ingredient for their whisky production as well.

Teitessa 30 Year Old is a limited-edition Japanese single grain whisky. The oldest of the Teitessa offerings, it was matured in a combination of 3 different barrels: Spanish oak, American white oak, and Rothan oak. The 80-proof spirit is mellow and refreshing with deep tannin and woody notes as well as a pleasant sweetness.

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