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Tapatio Tequila Excelencia 1Lt

Distilled in 2000, Excelencia is one of the oldest Tequilas available today.

America has embraced Tequila Tapatio Blanco, the Blanco 110, the Reposado... When we brought in the Añejo, we thought the story was complete.

Then bartenders & Tequila aficionados who had visited La Alteña Distillery in Mexico started asking for one other special release: the fabled 'Excelencia Gran Reservas."

Could we get some for the US? Long story short: we were able to get a 100-case U.S. allocation (Lot 1) in December 2013.

Lot 2 (arrived Feb, 2016) is one of the oldest tequilas on the market - distilled in 2000 from 100% estate grown (Highlands) agave; aged for 5 years in used Excelencia barrels, and an additional 10 years in 5 liter glass jugs.

1 Liter