Subtle Spirits HODL Single Barrel Bourbons 2 Pack


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Subtle Spirits is more than your traditional independent bottler. Part spirits purveyor, part alchemist. Their ideas are brought to life by original artwork produced in collaboration with artists to deliver an experience that extends beyond the glass, canvas, or mind.

Name:  HODL 
Type:  Single-Barrel, Straight Bourbon WhiskeySource: MGP
Mash Bill: 60% Corn, 36% Rye, 4% Malted Barley
Age: 8 years old
Spec:  2 brother/sister single casks make up this release
  • #22 (red wax) @ 54.7% abv
  • #20 (green wax) @ 58.5% abv

This is a 2 bottle set of both single barrels.

The artwork on the label was done by Philip Hua, who uses mixed media printing and collage techniques to juxtapose the duality between commerce and nature. His work features water colored painted images of animals or plants that he layers on top of finance charts. HODL is an acronym, popularized in the crypto and meme stock era of finance which stands for, "Hold On for Dear Life". The work is used on two different single cask expressions of 8 year high-rye bourbon, the oldest bottled to date by Subtle Spirits. 
  • #22 (red wax) - finished in a French Oak Cabernet cask for 18 months
Beautiful dark garnet color. Loads of vanilla on the nose, with notes of milk chocolate & stewed berries. Deep, rich and brooding on the palate with a smooth finish that keeps on going.
  • #20 (green wax) 
Dark golden color. Lots of floral and fruit aromas on the nose, with notes of dried apricot, caramel & orange blossom. Bold and spicy on the palate with savory flavors of tobacco and baking spices on the finish.
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