Siembra Spirits

Siembra Valles Ancestral

Producers Notes:

Siembra Valles Ancestral is the return to the original roots of Tequila, when the process was more important than mass production.The methods of this spirit make it the reuniting element of agave distilled family.With the use of pit ovens, hand maceration, and wood distill. Siembra Valles Ancestral is bringing Tequila back to practices long abandoned in the name of efficiency, introducing historical flavors, while boldly charting a sustainable path forward.  

Siembra Valles Ancestral glazes the mouth with a soothing silky feel. Herbaceous tones and sweet, cooked agave dominate the forefront as undertones of pine, bitterness, and smokiness linger. Citric accents that are standard for Distilleria Cascahuin are present in the spirit and intensify after resting for about five minutes in a glass. The inviting aroma of orange blossoms and a warm earthy feel from the agaves roasted in an earthen pit oven add to the complexity of this expression. The finish is a combination of sweet, earthy, and herbal; boasting the complex flavors of agave untouched by machine.