Shunka Shuto Autumn Blended Whisky


Autumn in Japan has a comfortable climate, roughly the same as Spring. The heat breaks, the humidity goes down and the air feels cool and dry. Just as the cherry blossoms attract crowds in the Spring, many tourists gather in Nara prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, and Nikko city to enjoy the beautiful tints of Autumn. In Tokyo, November is the time when the leaves of deciduous trees turn red and yellow, painting the mountains and streets with beautiful colors. Autumn is also a time when many cultural events occur.

Product Details
Bottle capacity: 750ml
Alcohol content: 40%
Types of barrels: Used Bourbon Barrel

Tasting Notes
Fragrance: Lemon, apple
Taste: Luxurious blended whisky with a high malt ratio. It has a slightly sweet taste.

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