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Seven Stills Oaxacalypse Imperial Stout w/Mexican Chocolate

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From the brewery: "Oaxacalypse is a big, bold imperial stout, full of rich, roasty malts at 8.5%. Then we added cacao nibs, cinnamon sticks, and chili peppers to it, and just a pinch of lactose to try and recreate one of our favorite chocolaty confections. The results are simultaneously explosive and balanced! Rich dark cocoa notes burst forth, then slowly give way to rustic cinnamon tones underneath, while the smooth lactose nature that first hits your palate bursts into a sparkling explosion of roasted malts and slightly smokey chilies. Don't worry, though! There's no major fire from the chili, and in fact the beer finishes with the bold flavors held in perfect balance by the other roasty and smooth elements of its design. You might want to go ahead and stock up like a modern doomsday-er, though, because this end is nigh and once it's gone, it may never come again!"