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Samaroli Barbados Rum 2000

Clear, focused, powerful and mysterious. We might say almost in prayer. Rich aromas of almond, sweet sticky pudding, biscuit, marzipan... a rum baba! Tones of citrus, fresh limoncello on an Amalfi balcony, overlooking the gulf... Sorry, I’m getting off topic. The taste propels us forwards, into the separate pages of a book, a whole world for every molecule. An extensive, long lasting range of sensations, beginning with a tasty and intense minerality, exploring every descriptive category. Fruity: banana, pineapple; Spices: star anise, cinnamon. Floral: lime, honey. Mineral: saltiness. Mysterious, enigmatic, indecipherable, magnetic, serious and powerful. A monk absorbed in his spiritual exercises...

Bottled in 2016