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Samaroli Tomintoul 1967

Tasting Notes:

Eye: Pale Gold

Nose: There is so much going on it’s hard to say that anything is really leading the way, but the core of the nose is a nice orchard fruit (apples, pears and apricots). This is accompanied by some banana, malt and melon with a light spice and a hint of peaty smoke which adds dimension to the whisky. This thing is so complex I could just keep listing note after note here.

Taste: The palate isn’t quite as dynamic as the nose, but it’s still rich with notes of honey, malt, graham, cinnamon and orchard fruit. Some light tropical fruit, mild peat and a complex sweetness fills the spaces between the bolder flavors.

Balance, Body & Feel: Exceptionally well balanced with a full body and silken texture. It’s an incredible drinking experience.

Finish: Rich honey, malt, wood, caramel and smoke play out on a nice long journey.