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Saint Archer Tusk & Grain Wee Heavy

Scotch Ale is also known as Wee Heavy, a name derived from the late 1800s when Scottish brewers commonly sold their strong ale in small 6-ounce “nips” or “wee” bottles. Scotch Ale is heavy and stronger than Scottish Ale in alcohol, is very malty and is fairly full-bodied, with color ranging from copper to dark brown with a tan head. Very rich malt aromas and flavors evoke a caramel, nutty character. Some examples may have suggestions of roasty flavors and smoke.

Our Wee Heavy accompanies you on a journey of the discovery. As the unification of man and nature arrives in your glass. By conditioning this beer on toasted hazelnuts and toasted cacao nibs, we have compounded the already decadent nature of this bourbon barrel- aged scotch ale. Aromas of carmel and molasses. Notes of chocolate and hazelnut. This is the beer you're looking for.