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Rossi d'Angera Latitude 45 Gin

Distilled from grain on Lake Maggiore in Italy this is a gin focused on Orange Bergemont.  Clear and crystalline. The olfactory test reveals a delicate scent  with hints of juniper and spices.  The taste is soft and round with a complex aftertaste of botanicals  due to the aromas perceived in the windy days on Lake Maggiore. Distillery Notes

Our family founded this historic distillery in 1847 in Angera, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, in the Piedmont and Lombardy regions of Italy and just south of the Swiss Alps. During our 169 years of history, 5 generations have carried on this family tradition with passion and desire to spread the Italian culture. We believe in the value of good wine and cherished quality time while drinking with friends and family. In 1847, Bernardo Rossi, began producing our first distilled drinks.