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Renzo Castella Dolcetto

Azienda Agricola Renzo Castella is located in Diano d’Alba, a city famous for its renowned Dolcetto. The winery was established in the first half of the 1900s, through the hard work of Severino Castella, whose farm produced grapes and other fruit and breed animals. Severino’s son Simone concentrated on grape production, acquiring vineyards that finally reached 10 hectares, six of which were cultivated with Dolcetto, two with Barbera, and two with Nebbiolo, the principal red varietals of Piemonte. His son Renzo studied enology and he and his father shifted the focus to producing wine rather than selling grapes to winemakers in the region. In 2001, the first bottles of Renzo Castella’s Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo were released and are now receiving attention from the wine press, especially “Gambero Rosso,” the foremost Italian wine rating board, which has so far awarded “two glasses” out of three to all of Renzo Castella wines.