Poderi Aldo Conterno "Il Favot" Langhe

From a benchmark producer in Piedmont, this “baby Barolo” is plucked from younger vines of Nebbiolo. Skin contact is carefully limited to pull more color and fewer tannins for a remarkable softness that’s not exactly a trademark of the varietal! This is fruity and creamy, full and flavorful, and it’s ready to drink right now.

The grapes used to make “ Il Favot” come from vineyards which have undergone periodical implantations, and so have a maximum age of 15 years. The skin contact is limited to 6-8 days so to extract few tannins and more color from the skins themselves, with the result of getting a well-colored wine with a remarkable softness. Nebbiolo, Michet and Lampia varieties.