Malaspina Patros Pietro Rosso


Grape Varietie(s): Magliocco 100%
Tasting Notes:
Color: intense ruby red with purple shades Aroma: intense fruity scent with delicate hints of currants and delicate spicy flavors Taste: full, strong structured flavor with long lasting taste. Food pairing: rich red meat dishes such as roast beef or lamb, braised game and seasoned cheeses. Serving Temperature; 17˚ – 18˚ C or 62˚ – 64˚ F

Vinyard Notes:
Production area: Melito di Porto Salvo Soil: medium consistency, tending to clay-like Harvest: by hand, mid-September

Winemaking Notes:
Vinification: Long maceration of grapes at controlled temperatures. Ageing: 8 months in French oak casks

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