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Ovid Hexameter 2016

The 2016 growing season began with the steady, cathartic pitter-pat of rain after four years of drought. Budbreak was pushed forward a couple weeks by the new normal of an unusually warm and dry February; but things slowed back down to a tranquil pace as rain returned and extended into May.

A long and leisurely summer provided ample time to carefully consider each vine and farming decision. With a warm push at the end of August, harvest got off to an unhurried start at the last week of September and stretched out into the second week of October.

The unrushed extravagance of the 2016 growing season finds full expression in this Hexameter. Opulent notes of Rainier cherry, violets, fresh blackberry, and plum mingle serenely with aromas of dark chocolate, molasses and pencil shavings.

Round and resonant, this wine captures the undeniable deliciousness of this spectacular vintage.