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Maker's Mark PlumpJack Private Selection 2020/ Old Weller Antique 107 2 pack

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Old Weller Antique 107 (NOT A BARREL PICK!!):  A wheated bourbon with a full-bodied flavor and a balanced palate. Old Weller Antique is bottled at 107 proof, offering a complex taste and bold finish. It’s certainly a recognizable member of the Weller label, with its own unique characteristics to compliment the high proof.  


Sweet and unusual floral notes and coupled with vanilla. The taste is very well balanced with sweet fruit notes, strong vanilla undertone and sharp spicy tones, with a cinnamon finish.

Maker's Mark PlumpJack Private Selection 2020:  This is an amplified Maker's profile for sure. It is packed full with aromas of Mrs. Butterworth maple syrup, sweet honey glazed cornbread, Werther's Original candy, and freshly baked Long John's. As it breathes it shows off more brown sugar, dried orange rind, and coffee cake. This is no ordinary Maker's though. The palate has some horsepower at 54.2% abv, which gives it the legs to go the distance on a long finish with an encore of spice to cap it off. You may not want to get too complex in a cocktail with it, but I'll be damned if it doesn't make one of the best old fashioneds you're going to have." -- Joshua Thinnes