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Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2017 & Knob Creek 13yr PlumpJack Cask 2pk

This 2-pack includes the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2017 and Knob Creek 13 Year Plumpjack Cask.

The 2017 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon was drawn from 12 year old barrels from different warehouses and floors. A total of 120 barrels; 93 barrels matured together on the 4th floor of G warehouse, yielding an extremely spice forward expression. The remaining 27 barrels matured together on the 5th floor of K warehouse contributing a rounding sweetness to the blend. Several barrels from both lots basked in the sun, highlighting the effects of maturation along an external wall. Barreled on May 27, 2005 – Old Forester 2017 Birthday Bourbon is offered at 96 and 95.4 Proof.

Nose: Sweet toasted oak and black pepper with a heavy suggestion of orange oil and toffee

Palate: Oak spice and charred black pepper dominate over a subtle core of chocolate custard and kola nut.

Finish: Spicy perimeter mouthfeel that slowly cascades off revealing floral undertones and cocoa powder.

The Knob Creek 13 Year Plumpjack Cask was aged on the 4th floor of Rick 11, Tier 2 of Warehouse I for 13 years. 126.7 proof at Cask-Strength, 120 proof at bottling. 

Nose: Upon introduction it’s hard not to recognize Beam, except with less of the typical peanut brittle. Notes of hickory, dried moss, toasted oak and dark chocolate make this contemplative bourbon easy to be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Booker’s drinkers will love this as it has all the marks.

Palate: I knew there was some peanut brittle in there somewhere. More toasted oak, kettle corn, chocolate and brown sugar.

Finish: Lots of balance in this whiskey between the spice, sweet and savory and exceptionally smooth out the gate. Long and persistent finish with an unmistakable identity.

*Sold as a set only, one per customer/per address.