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Off Color Market Rate 750ml

Producer Notes:

Brewed annually for Green City Market BBQ, with both unripened green and ripened Mara de Bois strawberries from the market, this is the first time we've let Market Rate sleep in wine barrels peacefully for 17 months.

Green strawberries lend a unique acidic note while the diminutively sized Mara des Bois have a potent aromatic burst more reminiscent of slicing into fresh berries than stewed jam.

A wisp of gin elevates the character from a small addition of three year old gin barrel aged saison we opted to blend in at the last second because at this point you all know John tends to add gin to things at the last second.

Bright chords of honey and meadow flowers overlay light, toasted malts that play base for the vibrant fruit- and fermentation-based acidity. The finish is dry with a dose of American oak for structure leaving one reminded of vanilla, cracked black pepper, strawberry seeds, and late spring naps. We weren't planning on releasing any more wild beers out of Dickens but nature has it's own schedule.

American Wild aged in wine barrels with strawberries

5.8% ABV