Morgan Rose of Grenache


Located on the west side of the Salinas Valley, the Arroyo Seco Appellation is uniquely characterized by an ancient riverbed (arroyo seco means ‘dry river’) surrounded by alluvial benchlands. Well-drained, stone-laden soil and cool coastal influence from nearby Monterey Bay yield grapes with concentrated flavor and balanced acidity.  

Our Rosé of Grenache is produced using fruit dedicated solely to rosé production, picked at lower sugar and higher acids. The grapes were destemmed and left to macerate for one hour, then pressed. Its clean fermentation yielded a wine with bright fruit flavors and refreshing acidity, making it light and approachable.

Rosé is one of our favorite summer releases. Lively aromas of watermelon, bubblegum, and grapefruit blossom are followed by flavors of ruby grapefruit and strawberry. Dry and medium bodied, this wine is incredibly versatile – try it chilled for a patio lunch with caprese salad and salmon tartare.

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