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Chambers and Chambers

Masseria Li Veli Askos Susumaniello Rosato

ASKOS is a project of rediscovery and selection of ancient Apulian grape varieties that are almost disappearing. Wines are produced by using exclusively these indigenous varietals, cultivated in their most suitable terroirs according to the traditional method. The Greek word “Askos”, or “wine jar” was chosen as a symbol of the winemaking, a practice started by the ancient Greeks in Puglia. The final wine is matured in stainless steel vats for 4 months before bottling, and has an aging potential of 2-3 years.

TASTING NOTES: Pale pink, crystal and bright; elegant bouquet, persistent and aromatic notes of strawberry and cranberry. Light weight in the mouth with waves of flavor across the palate. Savory finish with a touch of acidity.