Plump Jack

Maker's Mark PlumpJack Private Selection

Finished on June 14, 2017  |  Bottled in September 2017

Age: 5+ years, 3 month finish

Proof: 111.2 proof at cask strength and bottling

10 Stave Recipe:  8 Maker's 46 Staves  |  1 Roasted French Mocha  |  1 Toasted French Spice 

Nose: Lots of intense aromas of dark caramel, vanilla, mocha, vanilla and oak. The second visit presents the array of baking spices complimented by memories of chocolate and burnt orange peels.

Palate: Big bold and intense with a powerful mid palate spice. Lots of caramel, chocolate and toffee with clove, all spice and cinnamon more vanilla.

Finish: Finish is long and consistent with the flavors on the palate.