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Maius Priorat 2013

Too many wines from the Priorat these days hit you like a Battle axe and then go all medieval on your taste buds with bludgeoning blow after heated bludgeoning blow. The alcohol is out of whack, the tannins are hard as nails and nothing is even remotely balanced. Well not this one. There's a reason the father-and-son team at Maius call this stunning wine the "Classic." The fruit-focused flavors are massive while the textures are smooth and silky. The structure is firm and complex while the balance is impeccable. This is true wine making perfection where deep flavors of black berries mingle with smoky herbs, licorice and soft spices. It's sweet, savory and stunningly delicious. Sourced from the oldest Maius vineyards where the Cariñena and Garnacha vines are over 65 years, the Classic also takes in a healthy splash of 35-year old Cabernet Sauvignon. A polished, concentrated red you'll find hard to put down. Amazing!