Logsdon Spontane Wilde 375ml


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"True lambic can only be produced in a small region of Belgium, using the unique spectrum of wild yeast and bacteria present in the local air for fermentation. But that doesn't mean that great beer can't be made elsewhere using the time-tested production techniques of the traditional lambic producers of the Senne River Valley. Oregon's Logsdon Farmhouse Ales has been experimenting with spontaneously-fermented beers for years at their Hood River, Oregon, facility, much to the delight of their fans. The products, including the cult-favorite beers of the "Conversion" series, have garnered a fervent following. Now, Logsdon has given us Spontane Wilde, a blended beer made in the "methode van lembeek," spontaneously-fermented and aged in oak for 1-2 years. It's a gueuze-like sour ale with the kind of deep complexity that will make you feel like you're sipping from a ceramic pitcher in the Pajottenland countryside."

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