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Liefmans Goudenband Ale

Infinitely complex in aroma and flavor with notes of maltiness and tartness throughout. An unsurpassed old brown with the richness and complexity of a vintage wine.

The beer is particularly herbal, with a dry and slightly caramelised malty taste, enriched with fruity touches reminiscent of nuts or dried raisins. Mildly sour and slightly sweet.

The star element of the taste is in fact this perfect balance between sweet and sour. The finish of the Liefmans Goudenband has a complex, fully aromatic aftertaste, one that makes you want to enjoy more of it (to say the least).

Brewed with natural ingredients: water, pale and dark barley malts and Herkules hops. Serving temperature: 6 – 10 °C / 42.8 ° F – 50 °F