Lectores Pomagrana


 Pomagrana is a fruity, light and fragrant wine. On the nose, the aromas of fresh red fruit stand out, with light flowery notes. In the mouth, it is easy to drink, very fresh and with a long finish.

Harvest is performed by hand. Once in the winery, the grapes are completely de-stemmed and macerated for around 15 days. After the pressing, the grapes ferment with native yeasts in stainless steel deposits. After the fermentation, the wine remains in the deposits on its fine lees for 4 months. It is bottled after a gentle filtering.

Winemaker Fredi Torres farms all of his vines organically with biodynamic principles and all of the winemaking is non-interventionist. The only thing ever added to the wines is a little sulfur at bottling. All ferments are with native yeast and there is no fining or filtering. The goal is to make wines with bright acidity, pure fruit and low alcohol.

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