Le Rosé du Château de Pibarnon


The 2021 rosé is still quite energetic - this is normal as it won't fully open up until the middle of next spring. It is still

a teenager and therefore very erratic, an energetic southerner who is still lacking in experience. Let's patiently wait until it is bottled for it to reach its full elegant potential mixed with insolence that will make your taste buds dance, twirling red berries and sweet spices with its beautifully elegant and sensual stature. It goes perfectly with colorful and inventive dishes full of sweet and rare spices. A four seasons rosé; ethereal, refreshing and fruity in the first few months and then more mineral, complex, long and structured. Red mullet, bottarga, saffron, Spanish ham, anchovy purée, Roquefort and roquette produce a delicate and fine pairing with the wine. Asian cuisine, raw fish, garlic and white meat also go well together.