Lamata Tefemete Durango


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Maestro Mezcalero Féderico de la Cruz · Produced in Mezquital, Durango · 100% Tepemete (Agave angustifolia) · Cooked in a conical earthen oven and milled by hand with an axe · Fermented in pine with spring water · Distilled twice using hybrid pot still made from wood, copper, and quiote · 52% ABV (ABV will vary per batch)
Tasting notes: Wet stone, white pepper, and green apple.
Another expression from Familia de la Cruz of Durango. Tepemete is a tiny, wild subspecies of Agave angustifolia endemic to the states of Durango and Sonora; tepe signifies mountain, while mete comes from métl (or agave, in the ancient Nahuátl language).

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