Lamata Cenizo Durango


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Maestro Mezcaleros Enrique & Féderico de la Cruz · Produced in Mezquital, Durango · 100% Cenizo (Agave durangensis) · Cooked in a conical earthen oven · Milled by hand, using an axe · Fermented in pine using spring water · Distilled twice using a hybrid copper & wood pot still · 51.2% ABV (ABV will vary per batch)

Pine-forward and earthy on the nose with flavors of cantaloupe and melon on the palate.

The most common endemic species of agave used to make mezcal in Durango, Cenizo (Agave durangensis) is distinctive for its gray, ashen-colored leaves (“pencas”). This batch was produced among the pine forests and subtropical microclimate of the Temoaya River in Mezquital. It is distilled using the historic Durango style of hybrid copper pot & wooden “viejo” (a conical barrel-shaped structure, which captures the distillate internally) before it’s channeled to the condensing coil by repurposed, dried local cactus (pitalla).

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