La Venenosa Puntas Raicilla


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Raicilla, a mezcal made in the state of Jalisco, has a 500-year history of agave distillation, using the myriad  species that grow in this mountainous region. Puntas, or "heads" in Spanish, are the first part of the distillation process, occasionally used to adjust proof, and very rarely bottled on their own. These excruciatingly small batch bottlings of puntas carry all the intensity and depth of flavor that first made us fall in love with mezcal, and keep us swooning. This particular batch, made by Don Geraldo Peña from agave Maximiliana growing wild in the Sierra Occidental of Jalisco, is particularly exemplary. It automatically asserts itself on the palate, arriving with a burst of earthy and herbal flavors, mint and eucalyptus, tea tree oil, that then give way to floral perfume, violets, notes of cherry, vanilla, and other soft spices. There is huge intensity and presence on the palate, coupled with acidity which is unusual for a spirit, making it one of the most complex distillates I've ever tasted. This bottle is your special occasion. Only 120 bottles produced, extremely limited.


63% ABV

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