La Spinetta Rivetti Starderi


After the initial "bad investment" and the recovery of Barbera in the Gallina vineyard, the Rivettis continued to purchase additional important vineyard sites. In 1996, a year after the purchase of Gallina, the family acquired six and a half hectares on the hillside just behind Gallina, in the Cru vineyard known as Starderi. This time, however, they made sure that the vineyard was planted exclusively with Nebbiolo. 

Although the geographical details of Starderi are nearly identical to those of Gallina (calcareous soil, 50+ year old vines, south facing and the same altitude) the fruit and resulting wine is quite different. Starderi is much more powerful than Gallina and can easily be mistaken for a Barolo. What Gallina offers in elegance, Starderi presents in power and length. Though we aren't quite sure why the two vineyards are so different, a slight difference in microclimate is likely responsabile. In fact, the vineyards are located in two different valleys; Gallina is situated in a much wider valley than Starderi.

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