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La Spinetta Moscato d'Asti

The Rivetti family story begins in the 1890s, when Giovanni Rivetti, left Piedmont for Argentina. Like many Italians then, he dreamed of returning rich man, perhaps even one day able to make great wine in his homeland. He never did, though his son, Giuseppe “Pin” did. Pin married Lidia, bought vineyards and began to make wine. Robert Parker has called Giorgio Rivetti the hottest winemaker in Italy, saying "Everything Rivetti has touched recently seems to have turned to magic."

This light dessert wine offers sweet and sexy aromas of dried apricots and crisp pineapple. It surprises with its remarkable freshness and brilliant fruit flavors, bright acidity and a zingy finish. Outstanding balance and a light sparkle make this traditionally dessert wine also an appropriate choice for an aperitif or a refreshing splash with brunch.