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High West Distillery

High West Double Rye PlumpJack Private Selection 'An Autumn Nights Dram'

'An Autumnal Nights Dram'

PlumpJack Private Selection Barrel #S16G226A

Double Rye finished for 9.2 months in French Oak barrels that held Pinot Noir

Bottled at Cask-Strength 98.8 proof 

You try putting this in an old fashioned cocktail and you might impress your friends enough to tip you. Also would be good alongside cheese or other dessert courses like baked apple pie.

Nose: Reminds me of the kind of pour you’d have during the fall. An Autunmal Nights Dram… Spiced apples, rye bread, cinnamon and funky fermented grapes greet you on your arrival, developing into a perfumed, grapey dustiness that is more beguiling than you first realize.

Palate: Just like a burlesque dancer this is a fun loving, lush, fruity whiskey with an outgoing personality. Burnt oranges, raisins, and vermouth-like flavors entice you back for more.

Finish: Finishes with lots of vanilla, orange and grape wine flavors perfectly balanced by an attractive spice profile that makes you crave a full glass, a fire, and a friend to share it with.