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Gostolai Su Cuncordu 2014

Producer Notes:

This white wine is a blend of two wines, each one is made by local varieties grown mainly in some areas of Sardinia: the Arvesiniadu wine (or Alvesiniadu or Avresionadu) is grown almost exclusively in Goceano, Bono and Benetutti. The Alvarega wine is exclusively from  Ozieri, can be regarded as a recovery of archeology wine. The wine Su Cuncordu is obtained from a winemaking in accordance with the characteristics of the grapes, using the starter wort obtained with native yeasts, fermentation at low temperatures and slight clarification to keep the most of the scents and tastes peculiar to the original fruit. The salient Arvesiniadu flavors are the fragrance of banana, melon and peach, among the features of Alvarega stand out hints of citrus. In the wine Su Cuncordu these scents combine in an amalgam of scents and tastes, however, recognizable and appealing.