Fratelli Alessandria Chinato


BLEND: 100% Nebbiolo, plus herbs and spices VINEYARDS: A selection of fruit from estate vines in Verduno AGE OF VINES: 25 years, on average

WINEMAKING: Neutral grain spirits are infused with some 35 different herbs and spices, including quinine bark, cinnamon, liquorice, vanilla, ginger, cloves, anise and rhubarb. This mixture is added to a base wine of Barolo, sweetened, and then aged in oak barrels for at least one year.

TASTING IMPRESSIONS: Aromas of baking spices, orange peel, light pepper, dried roses. Smooth, velvety and balanced. PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: Served lightly chilled in small glasses; with dark chocolate-based desserts or simply as a digestive after a sumptuous meal NOTES: Chinato (key-NAH-toe) was created originally in the late 1800s as a “medicine” recommended by Langhe doctors for people suffering from the flu.

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