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Forlorn Hope Suspiro del Moro Alvarelhão

Grown just outside of the town of Galt in the Alta Mesa California AVA, this idiosyncratic Iberian variety benefits from the delta effect which cools the nearby Lodi vineyards but sits atop a much different soil strata. Sand and decomposed volcanic tufa are layered over a tough sandstone shelf, resulting in a texture and structure unique to the variety and vineyard. Our Suspiro del Moro is 100% whole-cluster fermented with indigenous yeast, and displays both softness and grip. Fermentations take place in 500 gallon wooden puncheons and are tended by hand. All Forlorn Hope wines are produced with NO ADDITIVES save for a modest amount of SO2 post-fermentation or pre-bottling. No commercial yeast, no added acid, no excess nitrogen or "fermentation aids", and no fining. What the vineyard produces is what becomes the wine -- period.