Fieldwork Imaginator Hazy IPA 16oz 4pk


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Brewery Notes:

When we first opened our doors we were faced with a nasty and niggling Nelson problem; it was our favorite hop in the world, we had a hard time getting it, and when we did get some, we hated the stuff we were getting. Fast forward what feels like a millennia and we have a new problem, access to too much amazing Nelson. With Imaginator we decided to load up with our two favorite selections of Nelson from two different farms and blend them together for what we think is our ultimate all Nelson beer, a beer so Nelson it might as well be pointing its grotesquely yellow index finger at you with a mocking "Ha-Ha!" as you sip from the glass. We picked these Nelson hops to exude specific qualities which we think will be painfully obvious when you take your first whiff and get bombarded by notes of super ripe passion fruit, the cattiest of Riesling grapes, papaya nectar, guava juice, bright gooseberries, white peaches, lychee gummies, and a pervasive note that can only be described as petrol and lanolin in the best possible way.

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