Fedellos do Couto Lomba dos Ares

Lomba dos Ares, literally the hilltop of Ares, is a vineyard in the Val do Bibei at an elevation between 700 and 750 meters above sea level and quite near the border with Valdeorras. Here the soils changes gradually as you descend from the rocky granite soil at the top of the slope to sandy schist at the bottom. Being an old vineyard, it has a patchwork of different varieties, mainly Mencia, Merenzao, Caiño, and Mouratón – all of which are included in the final blend. Only available in modest quantities, the Lomba dos Ares is worth seeking out as it quite deftly manages to capture the finesse of Ribeira Sacra with a profound depth of minerality and richness that seem almost contradictory.