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Farmlands Pinot Noir (Johan Vineyards)

This Pinot Noir is made entirely from our own Biodynamic, estate grown fruit at Johan Vineyards. The grapes were hand picked and fermented in small batches using only native yeast – for both primary and malolactic fermentation. During primary fermentation our cap management is gentle, just enough to wet the cap and distribute even temperatures throughout the tank. Once each lot was fermented dry, it was pressed off the skins and barreled down into neutral French oak barrels, where it aged for 7 months. All Pinot noir is created equal in our cellar until our tasting and blending trials begin in early spring. At this time, we select the barrels that we feel are the most approachable at that time, with the focus of making a wine that is vibrant and juicy, with a nice tannin structure and balance.