Etna Bitter l'Apertivo del Vulcano


Near the base of active Mount Etna—where the richness and diversity of soil type and high elevation has resulted in an abundance of vibrant microclimates—sweet mandarins, bitter Sicilian oranges, and almonds are harvested and made into separate infusions before combining with a base of Sicilian white wine. The addition of local herbs and orange-blossom honey complete a flavor profile that is distinctly fresh and bright, with notes of lemongrass, orange zest, and delicate bitterness. This wine-based aperitivo is perfect for sipping over ice or for use in cocktails. 18% ABVAetnae, the producers of Etna Bitter, are fueled by a passion and respect for the fertile region surrounding Sicily’s active Mount Etna volcano in Sicily, embracing flavors and aromas that speak directly to the land and a collective sensory memory of place.

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