Dale DeGroff's Pimento Aromatic Bitters


Handcrafted and produced in Samur, France at the Combier Distillery with renowned absinthe distiller T. A. Breaux, Dale DeGroff's Pimento Aromatic Bitters combines the delightfully complex pimento allspice berry with a hint of anise and other herbs, providing a distinct new flavor that enhances many cocktails.
Crafted entirely from whole botanicals with no commercial flavors or artificial dyes, Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Aromatic Bitters™ enhances cocktails without overpowering. Use to spice rum cocktails or classics like Manhattans, Old FashionedsPiña Coladas, Painkillers, Sazeracs, and punches.

Dale's bitters also has many culinary applications:
Use in marinades, stews, gumbo, or as a finish when sautéing. Dash over grilled seafood, stuffed clams or fried oysters for a truly outstanding flavor.

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