Corti Good Honest Whiskey 4yr


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Finished in Mission del Sol barrels and distilled entirely in 2012, the Corti Brother's newest expression has a mash bill of 70% corn, 25% rye, and 5% malt barley. This release is similar to the first offering from Amador Distillery and the venerated Sacramento retailer, Corti Brothers. This young bourbon spent a good deal of its life in that fabulously oxidized classic Californian sweet wine and the palate shows it. More balanced and well rounded than the older "Exquisite Whiskey" that was released last year. The Mission del Sol barrels originally held whiskey before being used for more than 30 years to age this uniquely Californian specialty. Yet, the bourbony notes show more prominently despite a strong influence from the wine. Altogether a very special and limited offering from what's turning out to be one of CA's premier bottlers of innovative whiskey.

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