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Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon #16-478

PlumpJack Private Selection Barrel #16-478


Fill/Bottle Date: 10/15/07 & 09/2017

Age: 9 years 11 months

Location: Warehouse M Floor 5-24-3

Proof: 123 at cask strength, 110 proof at bottling

Nose:   Wet cigar tobacco, dark chocolate and cinnamon. More pipe tobacco with an herbaceous spicy quality. 

Palate: Wow. This is a big bold bad ass in your face whiskey yet it is incredibly smooth. Chewy, rich and full bodied, the flavors double down from nose to palate. Turkey funk, check. Did I mention the tobacco?

Finish: Dark chocolate cigar wraps. Absolute literal translation from nose to palate to finish with a long lengthy midrange. This is why I drink Turkey, to feel wiser.

* Bottle pictured is not actual bottle