Castello di Bagnolo SET


SET means, from the local dialect, number 7: as seven are the old and rare vines of the special Castello Malingri territory. The seventy years old vineyard lays in a lovely, sunny position at around 400 meters altitude. Color red to purple,  berries scented, SET 7 is an “easy wine”, strong enough but happily light to drink.

From an assembly of 7 RARE and indigenous VINES placed in a centuries-old vineyard, perfectly exposed and ventilated at about 400 m above sea level.

Set is a unique and original wine. The combination that derives from the different grape varieties gives it minerality, aromatic complexity and balance between acidity and tannins.

Ready-to-drink wine, to be consumed young but can be refined in the cellar for many years.

With a purplish red color, SET is a wine that stands out with complex hints of small red fruits, the scent is fruity, young, harmonious with delicate floral notes, fresh and savory to the taste. This unique wine goes the extra mile with aromatic complexity. Balanced savory and red fruit notes are elevated by the floral nose. We love it with tomato-based pastas and even for pizza night.

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