Cantillon Kriek Lambic- For Beer of the Month Club Members Only


Reminder: We are only able to ship beer within the state of California.

This is being exclusively offered to Beer Club Members. If you are not in our beer club, your order will be canceled.

Limit one Cantillon per person. No discounts apply.

Our cherries, certified organic, come to us from Türkiye.

The fruits are assembled with a Lambic of 20 months of age on average, at the rate of 200 g of fruit per litre. The Morello cherry being a powerful fruit, we will have to choose a Lambic with enough character to harmonize with the fruit.

After maceration for two to three months, the Lambic will have extracted colors, aromas and flavors from the Morello cherries.

It will then be blended with a one-year-old Lambic, which will bring the sugars necessary for the second fermentation in the bottle.

We work exclusively with fresh fruit and as with wine, we can speak for Cantillon beers of a vintage effect.
The weather plays a major role in the ripeness and quality of the fruit, which is why a fruit beer will be slightly different from year to year.

Notice: Beer pictured does not match physical product.

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