Bresca Dorado Italian Vermouth


Paolo Melis and Enrico Diana started Bresca Dorada in 1986, in the wild inland countryside of Sardinia, near Muravera. Both from the city of Cagliari, they met at a bee-keeping course. They started with honey and then became known for their home-made Mirto liqueur sweetened with honey; they now also produce a green Mirto made from myrtle leaves, two citrus liqueurs an amaro, and vermouth all made from local ingredients. Primary Botanicals: Myrtle berries, gentian, artemisia, orange, lemon and mint. Produced from organically grown native Sardinian grapes Nasco and Malvasia del Capidano and individual infusions of mostly wild herbs. Unfiltered and un-colored. Flavors of orange and mirto working in unison with the bitter roots form a unique, island-driven take on a dry vermouth. It can be substituted as such and works well in any cocktail containing citrus

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