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Bowmore Chieftain 13yr

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Saving the peat for last, this a classic Bowmore aged in bourbon hogsheads. The nose is mild, just hinting at smokiness while keeping its focus more on notes of nuts, roasted grains, dark chocolate, and maple. The palate kicks off the peat character in earnest, with notes of fresh peat, lightly sweet smoke, and a slug of salty iodine, but the finish takes things back to fruit — mainly apples, plus perhaps some white peach notes. This is a rather laid back Bowmore expression that peat freaks may find undercooked — but perhaps is more approachable to the rest of the whisky world. 

Selected for the spring and autumn collections, each Chieftain’s bottling has its own unique personality. A variety of distilleries, vintages, wood maturation and strengths are represented, with different colors signifying each whisky region.