Bapt & Clem's Rum

Bapt & Clem's Darroze Montifaud Cognac 7 yr

Reminder: We only ship spirits within California at this time.

Marc Darroze formally joined his father’s artisan Armagnac firm in 1996 and soon thereafter took the helm. Over the next twenty years he developed close ties to farmers and producers in Armagnac and became intimately involved in distillation. In 2015 he decided to go forward with Bapt & Clem’s. With every spirit, the process was and is the same: Marc chooses one or two barrels (or makes a blend) from a distiller whom he has known for many years. The spirit has already been made and fully aged at its place of origin, and Marc’s choice, a deeply personal one, is to buy the barrel or blend only if what he’s tasting really sings to him. The spirit is then racked into a special container, shipped to France, and then racked into large glass containers to ensure freshness. Everything Marc does is with intention, commitment, and pride. The 7 year old Montifaud is made from grapes (Ugni Blanc) from Petit Champagne in the heart of Cognac.