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Anchorage Brewing Company Anadromous Black Sour Ale 375ml

Black sour fermented in French oak foudres with a Belgian yeast, aged one year in pinot noir and whisky barrels with lacto pedio and brett. Finished on marionberries. Naturally carbonated in the bottle.

From SommBeer "Anadromous has a lot going on. The sour characteristic of the beer obviously takes top billing, but supporting that basic feature exists notes of Pinot Noir, cherry and fig, oak, and a little chocolate towards the finish, especially as the beer warms. The whiskey is hidden under all the other more robust flavors, but it’s noticeable it in the aftertaste — yes, the beer is so complex the tasting doesn’t end until well after the beer’s been swallowed. However, the most dominant flavor exists within the Pinot Noir that really makes this sour beer “pop.” 9.2%