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Altura Isola del Giglio

Altura Isola del Giglio Carfagna Ansonaco 2013

It looks like a macerated wine, looking at it in the glass, but it is not. It is vinified in white, "this is its color, it derives from the strength of the place, the soil, this sun, this sea and the soul of those who produce it", says Francesco Carfagna. The Ansonaco dell'Isola del Giglio is a wine that needs its time, it must be uncorked in advance and can reward you for this. In continuous evolution, it passes from the sweetness of ripe yellow fruit to the "hardness" of sea salinity, to the essentiality and purity of Mediterranean herbs. Ferrous and fresh, it closes with a sprinkling of pepper. Beautifully tense on the palate, sour and salty, shows a beautiful structure and is remembered by character and originality. They isolate hard and pure.