Akabu Junmai Ginjo


The nose on this sake, that is made with the local Iwate popular Gin Ginga rice varietal, is a gentle collection of plum, honeydew melon, sweet rice, pear, and honey aromas. The head sake brewer Ryunosuke Furudate of Akabu Shuzo has a simple philosophy for his sake, and that is to not think too much about the brews and simply just enjoy them. This sake, like their other offerings, is a great example of playing in the subtle zone of sake making. It’s so gentle and nuanced, that your first thought is that this is a simple sake, and that’s the key to the elegance and balance of this brew. It’s silky, light, fresh, and balanced, with a gentle water-like texture that makes this sake very easy to drink. Look for blueberry, grape, melon, pear, lychee, and snow-cone flavors, that excel in a medium-sized cup. As the fluid warms in the glass, a creaminess comes forth and lots of umami. This is phantom sake at its best, because it drinks like a whisper and just disappears. 

 Food Pairing Suggestions: Gentle fare, shellfish, grilled fish, poached fish, fresh salads with citrus, salmon carpaccio, oysters, and chicken.

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